Yesterday was cool, but now it’s tomorrow, and all I can think about is how wrong everything could possibly be. Wrong like the grammar in this sentence. I have low expectations and that’s why the little things can be so bright.

Jammed with the band today
Played video games
Got coffee with a pretty girl
Came home and ate a turkey sandwich
Jamming some pop punkkkkkk
Today was an awesome day of you ask me.
I fucking love turkey sandwiches

I remember when smoke didn’t fill my lungs. When my hands were lost and so young.
Real Friends (via mothernatureee)

The little things like being Invited out for coffee really make me happy. Especially at a time like this.

Anonymous asked:
because women are devils in disguise that is why


Anonymous asked:
you need anyone to rant too?

Nah I’m alright thank you

This girl told me she was just some girl and I shouldn’t get upset over her and then I explain to her that I care about her and tell her why she isn’t just some girl and she doesn’t reply and it’s been like 24 hours.